AAU Classes

Redesigning the University’s App Experience
A redesign case study of Academy of Art University Classes App, a Learning Management System used by students and Instructors at the Academy of Art University to track classes, schedules, syllabus, assignments, roster, etc.The brief was to create a brand identity redesign and give it a fun and fresh look.
Personal | In class project
UX Designer
Spring 2020
Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator

My Design Process





Heuristic Evaluation

Current Design
Started with a Heuristic evaluation on the current design of the app in order to define my goals for the redesign.


Redesign Goal


Login and authorization
Login Page has more than one CTA and could have been more welcoming. Also one step back in the app redirects to authorization.


Appearance to imply a Design University App
Fix Visual Hierarchy, portraying the importance of each function without chaos, and giving the look and feel of a Design University


Improve Navigation and
information flow
Reduce the number of steps and ease the flow of finding information with
accessible CTAs

Research & discovery

Audience Research

User Interviews

Key Insights
I interviewed a range of users of the app and an external to understand users pain points from various perspectives. This would help me build my personas and to define their needs.


Student at AAU
Finding particular information on the App
is a bit tedious.
The look and feel is not welcoming.


Instructor at AAU 
Not convenient, overwhelming and chaotic.
Would love to be notified about upcoming events and workshops.


UX Expert
A Current state Analysis would help to
understand the functions that need to be kept
and that to get rid off.


Defined 3 personas each from a range of Target Audience
Depending on the above insights I created these imaginary users with genuine frustrations and needs. These personas would guide throughout to make design decisions.


Lily Evans | Instructor
“I need an easy way to respond to emails, update login hours and check discussions while I am away from my desktop and travelling.”


Jake Kaiser | Online Student
“I work full-time and want to be up-to-date with open and close dates for modules/assignments & access the information quick and easy.”


Amy Miller | Onsite Student
“I want a way to locate all the information and updates about upcoming events at once following less number of steps.”



A day in the life of
Came up with scenarios for the persona depending on the needs and frustrations. This helped me to define 3 different user flows for the app.


User Flows

Define User Journey
I defined user touch points on the basis of user stories and this helped me to pick and sketch key screens of the app.

design Process

Paper Prototype

Medium Fidelity wireframes



User Testing

Round 1 of User Testing
Carried out first round of testing for all 3 tasks with students of AAU using the Invision prototype on zoom and made note of the key feedback.
Samaneh Telanejad
(Hybrid Student)
It gives the feeling of a website instead of an app still,
may be use card format?
Yi Zhu
(Onsite Student)
For Pop-up screens the opaque background is too bright and brings chaos.
(Onsite Student)
In task 1 the attachment and post options are not well arranged and could be confusing.

Key Changes

What Changed?
Taking feedback from first round of testing made key changes to the medium fidelity screens.
BEFORE         |          AFTER
Changed to card type format overall
BEFORE         |          AFTER
Adjusted opacity of background for pop-ups
BEFORE         |          AFTER
Limited Use of Icons to reduce chaos

A B Testing

Side by side comparison
Carried out A B Testing for Key screens via google forms and received a total of 12 responses.

Reply to Discussions screen

Using icons as CTA compared to text
66.7% chose B because at first glance, it's easier to know what to do on the page instead of clicking into icons that you don't necessarily recognize if you're not familiar with the app.

“Compose Mail” Screen

Adding format options and test placement of “SEND” CTA
55.6% chose B because of the text formatting layout. Adding these in A layout would make it more user - friendly

Hamburger Menu

Placement of options in the Menu
57.1% chose A since it’s consistent and the title bar sticks The highlighted field in B  helps to understand in which page user is currently

User Testing

Round 2 of User testing
Conducted and moderated a final round of user testing with high fidelity prototypes on Invision via zoom and in person.

User Reviews | Key conclusions

- Not used to the options in the Hamburger Menu, so new user might need a nudge
- Home Page & Mailbox is clean and easy to use.
- Clear Navigations
- Clean Design, Intuitive flow easy for a first time User.
Bright color  and usage of hierarchy guides through the flows.

Final Design

Final Task Flows

Invision prototype
Refined each screen in the user flows taking feedback through several rounds of user testing.
Link to Invision Prototype


What changed?

- Shifted the Events and Workshops to another screen with easy access to know more and sign up instantly.
- Added important options on the landing page.
- Shifted less important things below giving it more breathing space and easily clickable options.

What changed?

- Cleared the Hamburger Menu with better Navigation
and clean visuals.
- Added bottom Navigation for quicker access.