About my journey
as a designer.

UX/ Product Designer based in San Francisco, Recent Grad open to work.
Fun Facts about me
I like Tea as much as coffee,
Mountains as much as Beaches,
But a lot of spicy over sweet.

Best of Both Worlds

I am a Product /UX Designer with a background in Computer Engineering
Applying my technical skills I seek a creative approach to problem solving.

With my experience of working in tech teams and interacting with users, I can empathize and find inspiration to discover innovative solutions.

Having a blend of technology and design and the will to learn and apply my creative abilities with a curious mindset has enabled me to grow and enhance my knowledge and skills to make a difference.

My Journey until now

Everyone has a story to tell....
This is mine.

While working as a software analyst, I have had the opportunity to connect with users to understand and solve their queries.
I could relate to the user's journey and come with innovative solutions.

While working full-time back in India, along with my roommate, I was also running an online business called “giftitions - gift your emotions”  where we manufactured and sold handmade customized gifts using social media platforms.

During my journey as a young entrepreneur, I delivered design and marketing solutions to maximize business revenue by conducting market research and developing content strategy. Basically I was learning user needs and solving them with a creative approach.

As a child, I was always fond of playing with colors, type, shapes and forms and always wanted to pursue design as a career.

As passion leads the way, I decided to pursue a career that allows me to follow my life-long passion for design, utilize my strengths and experiences that I got along the way to purposefully to create meaningful, memorable experiences for everyone on the web and beyond.

My Design Approach

Applying the most simple things, it’s easy to solve an issue. It makes the users feel empowered and the experience more delightful. This itself makes the design standout and the more approachable. Always paying attention to details and staying organized has helped me come with great results.
I believe in Collaboration and Communication within the team, so everyone is on the same page and has equal accountability and a sense of responsibility.
I start with knowing insights from Research, Analyze the problem and always Test my designs with users for more guidance.

Other things I enjoy

When I am not designing, I like spending time organizing, decluttering, and making color coded to-do lists.
I also love handlettering and making DIYs. I have an eye for detail and I enjoy watching makeovers to create aesthetically pleasing spaces.
In my free time, I am either cooking/baking, watching stand-up comedy or walking round the closest parks.

Like what you see ?
Let's work together !

If you’d like to get in touch with me about a project or just say hello 👋🏼
📩 email me at 👉🏻 shinyfernandes3@gmail.com